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Pennyrile AAAIL Long Term Care Ombudsman is Thinking of You
by Melissa Thompson on April 29th, 2020
Long-Term Care Ombudsman are resident advocates who protect and promote the rights of residents in long-term care facilities and work to resolve complaints.  Your local Pennyrile District Ombudsman is Cindy Tabor 1-800-928-7233 or [email protected] 270-886-9484.  For more in on COVID19 KY COVID Hotline (800) 722-5725  Read More
2020 National Volunteer Week
by Melissa Thompson on April 22nd, 2020
Volunteers are the backbone of the Pennyrile District Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.  Without our volunteers the program would be crippled.  Our volunteers bring cheer and joy to residents in some of ...  Read More
Overcoming Loneliness
by Melissa Thompson on April 17th, 2020
COVID-19 HAVE YOU FEELING:SCARED? SAD? FRUSTRATED? WORRIED? UNCERTAIN? AFRAID TO COME TO WORK OR TO GO HOME? CONCERNED FOR YOUR OWN FAMILY? HELP IS A PHONE CALL AWAY!IT’S FREE, IT’S CONFIDENTIAL! Call our toll free number 888-522-7228 where you can talk to a member of the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team....  Read More
Friendly Visitor Training
by Melissa Thompson on January 25th, 2018
​Pennyrile District Ombudsman, Cindy Tabor provided training to 7 new recruits for Friendly Visitor Training. These volunteers will provide much needed visits to residents in nursing homes one hour a week. What an awesome way to give back to your community by visiting people who do not have regular visitors. If you would be interested in doing the same, contact Cindy Tabor at 270-886-9484 or Cindy...  Read More
2017 Forgotten Angel Project a Success
by Melissa Thompson on January 2nd, 2018
​December 27, 2017 Thanks to YOU, the 2017 Forgotten Angels project, through the Pennyrile District Ombudsman’s office, had another amazing year!!! Because of your generous donations we were able to make Christmas very special for 230 Personal Care Home Residents. Each year I am thrilled to see the warm turn out for these residents. So many thanks are in order that we can’t begin to list them all...  Read More
All They Need Is Love 2018
by Melissa Thompson on January 2nd, 2018
​Sixty percent of nursing home residents have no visitors--no family or friends to check on them or cheer them up. Research shows that long-term care residents receive better care when they have regular outside visitors.   With just a few minutes each week, YOU could change a resident's life, and help improve the quality of care they receive.   Learn more at our Friendly Visitor Orientation   Wedn...  Read More
2017 Forgotten Angels Project is Underway
by Melissa Thompson on December 14th, 2017
​The 2017 Forgotten Angel Project is underway at the PADD Office. Pennyrile District Ombudsman, Cindy Tabor and volunteers are busy preparing Christmas bags for residents in Personal Care Homes in the nine county Pennyrile region. Cindy would like to thank everyone who adopted an angel or donated toward the Forgotten Angel project. For additional information on the Forgotten Angel Project, please...  Read More
2017 Forgotten Angels
by Melissa Thompson on November 2nd, 2017
​The Forgotten Angels Project will be gearing up again for its 11th year, serving residents in “Personal Care Homes”.  Residents in PCH’s are usually younger and sometimes suffer with mental illness rather than physical limitations.  The Forgotten Angel is placed on the tree anonymously.  People from the community come to the PADD office and obtain a Forgotten Angel (or several) off the tree.  Lat...  Read More
October is Residents' Rights Month
by Melissa Thompson on October 17th, 2017
​Now that the solar eclipse is over you've got something new to look forward to and it’s Residents’ Rights Month, an annual event designated by Consumer Voice to honor residents living in all long-term care facilities. It is an opportunity during the month of October to focus on and celebrate awareness of dignity, respect and the rights of each resident. This year’s theme, “It’s All About Me: My ...  Read More
Celebrating Centenarian, Marguerite Fox
by Melissa Thompson on July 26th, 2017
​Cindy Tabor, Pennyrile Long Term Care Ombudsman presented centenarian, Marguerite Fox with citations from Representative Will Coursey and Senator Stan Humphries in recognition of “Celebrating Centenarians” on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.  Ms. Fox is 104 years old....  Read More