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There are currently no available openings at the Pennyrile Area Development District office.
Please check back as opportunities come available periodically.

Here's what our current employees have to say...

Service. Confidence. Accomplishment. These are the things that PeADD instills in us each day. The agency culture overflows with that of a family, both personal and professional. We are all working together to ensure our community is served and our fellow workers are cared for. In that, employees are encouraged to manage their day to the best of their ability in the way they can most efficiently and effectively accomplish their tasks. The local community sees those accomplishments every day, even when they don’t know who the people are behind the service. THAT is why we show up every morning; it doesn’t matter if it is in office, on the road, or from home. We show up because we care for our community and we care for each other.
Hayla Swaw
Senior Staff Accountant
I have developed so many skills working here and have been able to apply it to all aspects of life. I have developed my social skills by speaking in front of numerous committees and boards regularly, and have learned how to better manage time and resources.  The job has given me a new perspective on the great number of needs and challenges each of our communities face, and I am able to identify more ways to meet people’s needs.
Kyle Cunningham
Infrastructure Coordinator
I have worked at the Pennyrile Area Development District for 21 years and I feel very blessed and thankful to work for an organization that is dedicated and committed to serving our communities and citizens.  The most rewarding part of my job is providing excellent support to my co-workers and to our clients.  Each day at the PeADD office is a new opportunity to assist and serve.
Angela Gore
Administrative Assistant
My job gives me a chance to meet directly with civic and political leaders in all the cities and counties we serve and get to know the unique features of each community, with the goal of making each one a better place.  Promoting regional planning and development also allows me the opportunity to network with my colleagues from around the state, sharing ideas, successes, challenges and other experiences I can draw on to improve the Pennyrile.  Working at PeADD means I am part of a team of professionals who share a passion and drive to make the region the best it can be.
Jared Nelson
Community Development Specialist /
Public Administration Specialist