PeADD 2023 State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program Applications

The Pennyrile Area Development District is preparing a regional application for funding under the 2023 State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP), administered through the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.

Grant funding will be utilized to assist eligible entities in the following areas:
  • Developing cybersecurity governance structures, including developing, implementing, or revising cybersecurity plans, to improve capabilities to respond to cybersecurity incidents and ensure continuity of operations; and
  • Identifying current cybersecurity posture and areas for improvement based on continuous testing, evaluation, and structured assessment.

Eligible entities include: local units of government (cities/counties), and locally owned infrastructure (utilities, schools, law enforcement, emergency management, PSAPs, etc.).

This is a reimbursement grant, with a 20 percent match requirement.

If your entity is interested in participating in this application, please respond to Jared Nelson, PEADD projects coordinator, at [email protected] by close of business on Friday, Sept. 1.