February PeADD Board of Directors Meeting

The Hazard Mitigation Plan and Resolution were approved by the PeADD Board of Directors along with a Revolving Loan Fund for an expansion at Casey Jones Distillery.
Deputy Secretary Beth Brinly of the Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet was the guest speaker at the meeting.  She began by stating that the National Governor’s Association met last week and two major topics were re-entry and the justice involved population.  She stated that a collaboration of education and workforce partners who are investing in justice involved individuals, which included Secretary Harvey, has sparked an initiative called Job on Day One.  She stated that 13,000 incarcerated individuals are being released from prisons in Kentucky every year and the best way to ensure they don’t return is for them to have a job on day one of their release.  She stated that this gives them a state of confidence and assurance that they can meet theirs and their family’s needs.  She stated that it is a group effort of a systems approach to take on this initiative to work with partners who are already on the ground doing this type of outreach.
Deputy Brinly continued stating that she will be a part of the Broadband Discussions taking place at the PeADD office on Tuesday.  She stated that the listening tour is geared to not only to discuss the infrastructure needed for broadband, but the Department for Workforce Development is overseeing the planning of the state Digital Equity Act.  She stated that it focuses on all individuals having access to devices as well as the affordability and training to use them.  She stated that the goal is to allow all Kentuckians to possess more digital skills allowing them more employment opportunities with higher wages.