The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is Now Accepting Applications

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is now accepting applications through May 31, 2022.
The State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP) assists states to build, sustain, and deliver capabilities necessary to prevent, prepare for, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism. City and County governments, area development districts, taxing districts, and school districts can apply for items in the following identified National Priority Areas and Enduring Security Needs:
National Priority Areas
  1. Combating Domestic Violent Extremism
  2. Enhancing Cybersecurity
  3. Enhancing Protection of Soft Targets/Crowded Places
  4. Enhancing Community Preparedness & Resilience (New)
  5. Enhancing Election Security (New)

Enduring Security Needs
  1. Communications & Emergency Medical Equipment
  2. Exercises & Training

There are several mandatory requirements that must be met to participate in the program. If you have an interest in applying, please contact Angie Crawford or Jared Nelson at the PADD office (270-886-9484 or 1-800-928-7233).