Residents Rights Month

October is Residents’ Rights Month, an annual event designated by Consumer Voice to honor residents living in all long-term care facilities and those receiving care in their home or community. It is an opportunity to focus on and celebrate the dignity and rights of every individual receiving long-term services and supports.

Being a part of a community is essential to our well-being.  Throughout the pandemic, residents of long-term care facilities were disconnected when activities and group dining were limited.  Residents were disconnected from the broader local community when visitation was restricted and many residents were unable to leave their facilities to participate in outside activities.  This year's Residents’ Rights Month theme - Inspiring Unity within Our Community - emphasizes the importance of fostering meaningful community within the facility and encouraging residents’ connection to their local community.
One of the submissions: Robertson County Health Care Facility, Mt. Olivet, KY.
"The petals are made of residents' handprints, the center is made of staff fingerprints, and the center represents the love we have for each other at our facility."