March 2021 PADD Board of Directors Meeting

Pennyrile Area Development District held their monthly Board of Directors meeting on Monday, March 8, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (CT).  Federal and State reports were provided.  KY State Rep. Melinda Gibbons Prunty provided an update on KY General Assembly activities and the recent announcement of a new aviation program at Madisonville Community College.  Ms. Jill Collins, Director, Pennyrile AAAIL, provided an update on revisions to the FY19-21 Area Plan, Aging program activities, and noted March is “Social Work Month” to celebrate social workers and the profession of social work.  Ms. Amy Frogue, Associate Director, CED, provided an overview of the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) 2021 Federal Grant Program and the State’s Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP).  Ms. Sheila Clark, Director, WKWB, provided an update on the WIOA Regional Strategic Plan process, career centers, upcoming events, and announced a Request for Proposal One-Stop Operator and a Request for Proposal Direct Services.  

Guest speaker, Ms. Nancy Brown, PMP, State Director, KY Procurement Technical Assistance Center (KYTPAC), provided an overview of the organization’s mission, state-wide services, and federal funding/match.  Judge Jack Whitfield, West KY Coalition Board Chairman, provided an update on the organization’s growth and efforts to work with legislators on legislation that will grow and strengthen the western Kentucky region.  Mr. John Mahre, PeADD Regional Transportation Committee Chair, discussed HB561 and supporting the bill by contacting your legislators.  

Mr. Jason Vincent, PeADD Executive Director, gave an update on legislative activity related to HB267, SB276, HB320 and KY HCR55.  This year’s PeADD Annual Dinner will be moved to September 13, 2021 in hopes of holding an in-person celebration event.  Be sure to check out the March issue of the PADD Press newsletter that is filled with great information this month.