Forgotten Angels 2020

The Forgotten Angels Project will be gearing up again for its 14th year, serving residents in “Personal Care Homes”.  Of course, this year will look a lot different due to COVID.  Residents in PCH’s are usually younger and sometimes suffer with mental illness rather than physical limitations.  We focus on this group of residents because they seem to be most forgotten by friends, family and society.

You may be asking, “How’s it going to work during COVID?”  This year we will be focusing on a main item and then building a Christmas bag around that item, rather than having specific angels with specific wishes. This change saddens us, but our office is closed to public traffic and we are all still maneuvering around this pandemic. On the bright side, with your continued help, we will be able to provide Christmas to every resident in the Pennyrile district that lives in a personal care home.


1.  BUILD A BAG - Our main items will be:
Insulated cups / Tumblers with lid & straw
Stationary & supplies
Instant Coffee & supplies
Scarves / gloves/ toboggans

The idea is to pick a main item and build a bag around that item, maybe male or female in orientation, then stuff it with all sorts of things from the Stocking Stuffer list located on the back of this page.

2.  DONATIONS - Drop off anything on the Stocking Stuffer List
BEFORE Monday December 14, 2020 (look for signs in the parking lot for directions about drop-offs or call 270-886-9484) and PADD staff will build the bag for you.

3. MONETARY - Donations written to the PADD for Forgotten Angels can be mailed to the address below.

Deadline is Monday, December 14th, 2020

It is truly amazing to see how our community gets involved in giving so much to these Forgotten Angels.  Each year as the donations begin to pour in, I remain stunned at your generosity.  I am very proud to be a part of this community and look forward to serving our Forgotten Angels in 2020 with your help. For any questions please contact:
Cindy Tabor or Miranda White
300 Hammond Drive
Hopkinsville, KY  42240
Office - 270-886-9484
[email protected]

Download or view the flyer.

Forgotten Angels Flyer 1
Forgotten Angels Flyer 2