September 2020 PADD Board of Directors Meeting

The PADD Board of Directors held their monthly meeting via Zoom on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. (CDT).  Federal/State reports were provided by agency representatives.  Secretary of State Michael G. Adams was an honored guest and provided information regarding General Election voting options and highlighted changes to include an increased number of voting locations, Saturday voting hours, and expedited results on election night.  You can visit to learn more about your options on how to cast your vote in the November General Election.  State Representative Chris Freeland reported Interim Committees continue to meet and discuss upcoming legislation and concerns regarding the 70,000 unprocessed unemployment insurance claims.  He was excited to hear Gov. Beshear’s announcement that five Kentucky Riverports, to include Eddyville Riverport, will receive $450,000 for repairs and equipment replacements.  

Craig Morris, PADD Regional Planning Coordinator, gave a slide presentation regarding the State Physical Activity & Nutrition Grant (SPAN) that will provide funds for County Health Departments to contract with the Area Development Districts throughout the state to develop Master Bike and Walking Trail plans.  Updates were also provided by Pennyrile AAAIL and West KY Workforce.  

The Board of Directors approved a resolution on behalf of Pennyrile Area Development District to support Kenergy Corporation’s request for a waiver from the Public Service Commission to allow them to engage in the development and financing of broadband activities in rural areas.
 Jason Vincent, PADD Executive Director, provided updates and announced all ten homes in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, initiated 10 years ago, have finally been sold and the Board approved a motion to close the program and checking account.  The annual Pride of the Pennyrile Industry Appreciation event at Lake Barkley State Resort Park has unfortunately been canceled this year; depending on COVID-19 mandates, the event could possibly be rescheduled for Spring of 2021.  PADD was recently recognized and certified by the Christian County Health Department as a COVID-19 Compliant Business.