PADD Receives Edward Jones Quality Service Award for regognition of Outstanding Community Commitment

Pennyrile Area Development District was presented the Edward Jones Quality Service Award for recognition of Outstanding Community Commitment by the Christian County Chamber of Commerce on January 9, 2019.

The Pennyrile Area Development District was established in 1969 to work with local officials, business leaders, special districts, and citizens on many different programs and projects. PADD is very active in a multitude of areas the impact our communities, with one focus in... mind…to make life better for our 220,000 citizens.

PADD is owned, operated, governed by our citizens through a 38 member board of directors. The board includes judge executives, mayors, and private citizen leaders from each county we serve. The total service area covers 9 counties and 33 cities.

PADD has, since the beginning, been the convener of our region to address a multitude of issues reflecting the needs and challenges of a particular point in time. Statewide, there are 15 ADDs that provide the framework and system whereby the Federal, State, and Local levels of government all come together. PADD was created by a statute and is considered to be a unit of local government.

The staff, now consisting of approximately 40, are the individuals that perform the day to day work in the major program areas. PADD’s mission is to provide the region with the highest quality of professional planning, development and implementation services in the areas of community and economic development, workforce, transportation, social services, and public administration.

Over the past several years, PADD has taken leadership roles on a number of initiatives supporting the growth of Fort Campbell and surrounding area, assisting individuals who are transitioning from the military, and programs that enhance home-based support services for veterans. We are proud of the work being done to support the men and women who put their lives in harm’s way each and every day.

Pennyrile Area Development District is proud to be selected as a recipient of this prestigious award!