Pennyrile Region Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Visited Frankfort

On Thursday, August 4th, Rep. Myron Dossett of Pembroke and a group of dedicated professionals representing first responders from the Pennyrile Area Development District traveled to Frankfort to discuss the importance of Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Kentucky.
Citizen Corps and CERT are volunteer organizations that focus on preparing individuals through education, training and service to make communities better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health crises, and disasters of all kinds.
“Kentucky and the nation benefit greatly from volunteers that selflessly donate the precious gift of personal time to groups like Citizen Corps and CERT,” remarked KOHS Executive Director John Holiday. “It’s organizations like these that empower individual citizens through their volunteerism to maximize survivability for themselves, their families and their communities in the event of an emergency.”
The delegation, representing the Citizen Corps Council, shared stories of the tremendous impact these groups have made in rural communities across the Pennyrile ADD.