PADD Board of Directors April Monthly Meeting

​The PADD Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on Monday, April 11, 2016 at the PADD Office in Hopkinsville. Guest speaker Commissioner Donnie Holland, Kentucky State Parks, gave a slide presentation overview of the parks, resort parks, campgrounds, pools, beaches, golf courses, buildings and marinas that encompass 45,000 acres of land in the park system. He highlighted recent State park improvements, needs and economic impact. Also attending were Mr. John Stellman and Mr. John Karras of TIP Strategies, Inc. Mr. Stellman shared information about the West Kentucky Future strategic planning process that will be conducted in partnership with Avalanche Consultants. Workforce Analysis, Sector Analysis, and Strategic Action Plan efforts will begin today with stakeholder focus groups to be held in each Area Development District. Regional challenges and opportunities were discussed and an invitation extended to all to participate in a focus group/workshop. Rep. Jeffrey Taylor, District 8, provided an update on legislative session activities. Jason Vincent, PADD Executive Director, presented an appreciation award to Mr. Dan Nicholson, in recognition of his service as Chairman of the Citizen Corps Council since its inception in 2006 to 2016.