Attention Medicare Beneficiaries!

 If Social Security is deducting $144.60 out of your Social Security check each month for your
Medicare Part B premium and you are at or below the following monthly income limits,
 ($1,456/single or $1,960/married) help may be available!

Through a program called the Medicare Savings Plans, Medicaid will pay your $144.60 monthly premium!  (If you are unsure if Social Security is deducting this premium out of your check, please refer to your most recent Social Security award letter, or contact your local Social Security Office).

Also, if you are paying a high amount for your prescription drugs and are below the following monthly income limits, ($1,595/single or $2,155/married) you may qualify for a program called Extra Help which can assist in lowering the cost of your Part D premiums, deductibles and copays!

Contact Ali Jones at the Pennyrile Area Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) to see if you may be eligible for one or both of these programs!

ADRC: 1-866-844-4396