Water & Wastewater Management

Pennyrile Water Management Plan

The Pennyrile Water Management Plan is a statewide effort to identify problems involving local and regional water utilities and distributors that are projected to have water supply shortages during a drought. The project also identifies water utility suppliers with distribution or capacity infrastructure problems that could also lead to water shortage to some residents. In any county where a water supplier or distributor is identified as having water shortages projected sometime over the next 20 years, the water supplier and local government officials must submit a plan to address how they intend to solve the projected water supply problems.  The plan also addresses projected wastewater needs for the Pennyrile area. Kyle Cunningham is the Water Management contact located at the Pennyrile Area Development District.

Water Resource Development

Staff of the Pennyrile Area Development District work in conjunction with the areas utility managers and personnel to assess the needs and water resources potential in the region. The objective of this assessment is to develop current data and information upon which utility decisions might be based. The ultimate goal is to provide the needed infrastructure to insure the future well-being and continued growth of the communities of the Pennyrile district.  

Consumer Confidence Reports must be issued by July 1st of each year.