Unofficial Central City Zoning Map

Disclaimer for the
Unofficial Central City Zoning Map
Last Updated Oct 2018

The Unofficial Central City Zoning Map on this site is intended to provide some basic and preliminary research on Zoning Districts inside the City of Central City, Kentucky. However, this is NOT the OFFICIAL ZONING MAP for the City of Central City.  The Official Zoning Map is located at City Hall and is updated as Zoning Districts change over time.  Since the City does not have full-time planning staff, it is not the intent of this site to maintain an updated Zoning Map. Before anyone enters into a Purchase Agreement to buy property, starts any building project, or changes a land use on property inside the City Limits of Central City, you must contact the Central City Hall and verify the Zoning District and obtain the zoning requirements for that specific District.  Discuss your project with the City’s Zoning Administrator, and if appropriate, obtain a Building Permit and obtain a copy of the Central City Zoning Ordinance as a part of your project review process. This map should not be used as the basis for any determination.

If you have read and understand the above disclaimer, 
you may click on the link below to access the map


Central City Hall
214 North 1st Street
Central City, KY 42330
Phone: (270) 754-5097