Entrepreneur Programs

Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Development

PADD is leading an organized effort to develop an entrepreneurial culture in the Pennyrile Region.  Entrepreneurship is not commonly viewed as a viable career path for graduating students or dislocated workers.  This impression is founded, in part, by a traditional perception that this region can only sustain jobs in manufacturing, coal, and agriculture.  Understanding this, PADD is setting a goal of recognizing and promoting entrepreneurial success in the region and including it in the Regional Economic Growth Strategy. Additionally, PADD is implementing specific strategies geared toward building the Pennyrile Region’s entrepreneurial infrastructure.  Balancing the Pennyrile region’s economic development efforts with new broad-based approaches is required if we are to capture growth opportunities and ensure long-term prosperity for the region.  Initiatives for recruiting business to the region will remain in place, but more will be done to promote the expansion of existing companies and the formation of startups in high growth areas.

The PADD contact for Entrepreneur Programs is Angela Crawford.

Visit the Pennyrile Entrepreneurial Network website at www.kentuckypen.org.