Participant Directed Services (PDS) / Home Community Based Waiver 2 (HCB2)

Participant Directed Services/ Home and Community Based Waiver 2 (PDS/HCB2) is an alternative to the traditional service delivery model under the Medicaid Waivers.  As Service Advisors, the Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living will provide all case management activities for individuals receiving PDS and blended services (participant directing some services and receiving others from traditional providers).

The PDS/HCB 2 program is designed to allow clients to have more choice, flexibility and options regarding their in- home waiver services. Participant Directed is about freedom of choice, and person centered planning. The program gives individuals the power of choosing who will provide services, what services are needed, how services will be provided, when services will be provided and where services will be provided.  The PDS service option is available to Medicaid waiver members of any age including children.

Goods and services- is funding made available to the client to help purchase items such as incontinent items, nutritional supplements, and personal care goods as long as it is a medical necessity.
Home Modification- is funding which is utilized to help create more stability for transfers and ambulation, but must relate to the needs and disability of the client.
You may access the new waiver rules & regulations at the following link:

Traditional  Home & Community Based Waiver Version 2

Due to the new Home and Community Based Waiver version 2 regulations beginning on September 15, 2016, specifically the “Conflict Free Case Management regulation,” Pennyrile Area Development District / Pennyrile Area Agency on Aging is offering the option to provide case management to any participant enrolled in the Home and Community Based Waiver version 2.
For more information regarding the Participant Directed Services/ Home and Community Based Waiver 2 Program and how to qualify, please contact:

2024 PDS EVV Form Due Date and Pay Schedule

HCB Waiver Guidebooks

These guidebooks will hopefully assist in understanding the different ways participants can receive services and what each type i.e. traditional, blended or PDS involves.  

Electronic Visit Verification Program Manual

This manual is designed to help Participant Directed Services/ Home and Community Based Waiver clients and employees access and utilize the Tellus/ Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) application using their smart phone or tablet.

More Information...

Click on the link below to be directed to the Department of Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) site to find more information on the Home & Community Based Waiver.  Once you are on the DAIL site, scroll down the page while following the right column to the blue box titled Home and Community Based Waiver.  Click on any of the topics listed to open the document.  You can download or print the documents from the site.