Ombudsman Services

What’s an Ombudsman?
Ombudsmen advocate for residents of long-term care facilities at no charge to residents or families. They will engage in more than 5,000 visits to long-term care facilities in Kentucky this year.

Their job is to
  • protect the special legal rights of residents.
  • identify, investigate, and resolve residents’ problems and concerns
  • empower residents to make informed choices.
  • work to enact laws to protect residents and older Kentuckians.
Long-term care ombudsmen serve residents in all counties in Kentucky.
Ombudsman is a Swedish word meaning "Citizen's Representative" The Long-Term Care Ombudsman is the representative for citizens in long-term care facilities in the Pennyrile Area.  These facilities include: Nursing Facilities, Skilled Care Facilities, Personal Care Homes and Family Care Homes. The Ombudsman is responsible for making, at a minimum, quarterly visits to all 30 facilities in the Pennyrile Area.  Responsibilities of the Ombudsman's office include:
  • Investigation of complaints made by, or on behalf, of residents in long-term care facilities and attempting to resolve these complaints
  • Providing community education on issues and concerns of long-term care residents.
  • Providing in-service training to facilities on issues concerning residents care and their rights.
  • Offering consultation to residents and their families on subjects related to long-term care.
The Ombudsman program was federally mandated by congress in 1978.  The Pennyrile Area Program began in 1987.

The Ombudsman program needs certified volunteers and friendly visitors. You can make a difference in the life of a long term care resident. By spending as little as one hour a week visiting residents in nursing homes or personal care homes you will experience tremendous gratitude.   If you are interested in volunteering for the ombudsman program, please contact Cindy Tabor.

Transfer & Discharge Rights

Getting Kicked Out?

We are here to help.  Did you know there are basically only three reasons you could be discharged from a Nursing Facility or a Personal Care Home and even then, we could fight the process? The three reasons for discharge are Non-Payment, the Health, Safety or Welfare of yourself or others is endangered or your Level of Care (LOC) has changed. A facility is REQUIRED to give a resident a WRITTEN 30-day notice of intent to discharge. At this time the resident has the option to appeal. Residents are encouraged to contact their local Ombudsman and appeal their discharge. It is also the responsibility of the facility to find appropriate placement for the discharge. If you have any questions about the discharge process of residents please contact Cindy Tabor, Pennyrile District Ombudsman, at 300 Hammond Drive Hopkinsville, KY 42240 or by phone at 270-886-9484 or email at [email protected].