Hearthstone Place

(270) 265-5321
506 Allensville Road 
P O Box 427
Elkton, KY  42220
Owner: Nancy Bolster

Procedure for Admission:  Availability of needed care
Selection Criteria:  Admissions Committee
Not Accepted:  Ventilator dependent
Respite Care: Available

Laundry Charges:  None
Personal Furniture:  As space allows
Total Beds: 110
Bathroom Facilities: Private and Semi-private depending upon room
Telephone Services: Available
Television Services:  Available

Dining Room Capacity: 100
Menus Posted: Yes
Breakfast: 7:15am
Lunch: 12:15pm
Dinner: 5:15pm
Therapy Services:  Speech, Occupational, Physical available on-site
Doctors who visit regularly:  Dr.'s G. Chavda, Majmudar, Prakash, Shah, Ahmed
Dentists who visit regularly:
Beauty Salon:   Available  weekly
Resident Council:    Meets monthly
Family Council:  meets as needed
Safety:   Sprinkler system, call lights, evacuation plans, practice drills; safety team meets monthly
Weekly Church Services:  Available, various denominations