Shady Lawn

(270) 522-3236
2582 Cerulean Road
Cadiz, KY  42211
Owner: Shady Lawn, LLC

Procedure for Admission:  Residents not placed immediately are put on waiting list
Selection Criteria: Residents are assessed for specific care needs and the appropriate level of care
Not Accepted:  Patients accepted based on care needs and whether or not the facility can meet those needs at that time
Daycare Facilities:  Not available
Respite Care: Available

Laundry Charges:  None
Personal Furniture:  As space allows
Total Beds: 50
Total Rooms: 27 (4 Private; 23 Semi-private)
Bathroom Facilities:  Private and Shared
Telephone Services: Available
Television Services:  Available 

Food Service Only Employees:  6-9 
Dining Room Capacity: 25
Menus Posted: Yes
Non-Selective:  No
Breakfast: 7:15am
Lunch: 12:15pm
Dinner: 5:15pm

Day:                  RN's:  2        LPN's:  1       Aides/CMT's:  6
Evening:           RN's:  1        LPN's:  1       Aides/CMT's:  4
Midnigh:          RN's:  1        LPN's:  1       Aides/CMT's:  3
12-hour continuing education for CNA's

Therapy Services/Cost:  Speech, Occupational, Physical available in-house
Pharmacy Affiliation:  United Pharmacy Associates, Henderson, Kentucky
Doctors who visit regularly:  Dr.'s J. Brazil, W. Anderson, Shaw, Goodwin, Galla
Dentists who visit regularly:  As needed
Beauty Salon:   Available weekly
Resident Council:   President chosen by residents; Meets monthly
Family Council:  Implementing family council to meet quarterly
Safety:   Sprinkler system, emergency preparedness plans and drills
Weekly Church Services:  Available, various denominations and times