Christian Heights Nursing & Rehab

(270) 475-4227
124 Nashville Street
P.O. Box 249
Pembroke, KY  42266-0249
Owner: Topaz Corporation

Procedure for Admission: Contact Admission Director
Selection Criteria:  Reviewed by Admission's Committee
Not Accepted:  Ventilator Dependent
Daycare Facilities:  Not Available
Respite Care:  Available

Laundry Charges:  None
Personal Furniture:  As space permits
Total Beds: 60
Total Rooms: 34( 3 Private; 31 Semi-private)
Bathroom Facilities:  Private and Shared
Telephone Services: Available per request; Pay phone available
Television Services:  Cable services available 

Food Service Only Employees: 7 
Dining Room Capacity: 44
Menus Posted 
Breakfast: 7:00am
Lunch: 11:00am
Dinner: 5:00pm

Day               RN's: 1       LPN's: 2       Aides/CMT's: 6
Evening        RN's: 1       LPN's: 1       Aides/CMT's: 6
Midnight      RN's: 1       LPN's: 1       Aides/CMT's: 5

Therapy Services/Cost:  Speech Therapy,; Psychological Therapy,  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy
Pharmacy Affiliation: Omhicare, United Pharmacy Associates
Doctors who visit regularly: Dr.'s Shah, Tan, Fuqua, Tate, Battah, Snowden, Anderson (Podiatrist), Hahghani (Psychologist)
Dentists who visit regularly:  Residents sent out of facility to dental appointments
Beauty Salon: At resident's expense/request
Resident Council:   Meets monthly
Family Council: No formal officers
Safety:  Doors locked at night  
Weekly Church Services:  Various volunteers, varying denominations each week