Christian Care Center (Kuttawa)

(270) 388-2291
1253 Lake Barkley Drive 
Kuttawa, KY  42055
Owner: James and Rose Marie Gray

Procedure for Admission: Contact Admissions Coordinator
Selection Criteria:  Nurse assessment for each referral prior to admission
Not Accepted:  Ventilator Dependent; TPN
Daycare Facilities:  Not Available
Respite Care:  Not Available

Laundry Charges:  None
Personal Furniture:  As space allows
Total Beds: 69
Total Rooms: 66 (59 private rooms)
Bathroom Facilities:  Private / shared
Telephone Services: Independently purchased
Television Services:  Available 

Food Service Only Employees: 13 
Dining Room Capacity: 39
Menus Posted
Non- Selective
Breakfast: 7:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm
Substitutes are offered to residents

Day:                 RN's:       LPN's:        Aides/CMT's: 
Evening:          RN's:       LPN's:        Aides/CMT's: 
Midnigh:t        RN's:        LPN's:        Aides/CMT's: 
Combination of RN / LPN for each shift.  CNA's staffed according to need.

Therapy Services/Cost: Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy in house.
Pharmacy Affiliation:  Med Care Pharmacy
Doctors who visit regularly:  Dr.'s French, Graham, Wilder, Settle, Cash, James and Maddox
Dentists who visit regularly: Specialty Care
Beauty Salon:  Available once weekly
Resident Council:  President Patsy Guess, meets monthly
Family Council:  None
Safety:  In house safety committee, Jimmy Walker, Coordinator
Weekly Church Services:  Available by various denominations various times weekly