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Child & Adult Care Food Program
​The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides funds to institutions and sponsoring organizations that provide nutritious meals to participants enrolled in child care centers, day care homes, homeless shelters, and adult day centers.

What is a Family Day Care Home?

​CACFP regulations define a family day care home as “an organized non-residential child program for children enrolled in a private home, licensed or approved as a family day care home and under the auspices of a sponsoring organization.”

How can a family day care home participate?

Child Eating Healthy
​All family day care homes must be licensed and fit the USDA definition of a family day care home. Day care homes must participate through a sponsoring organization: they cannot enter CACFP directly.

Meal Reimbursement:

​Meals served by family day care homes under the CACFP are reimbursed at the payment rate for that type of meal. Homes receive the full rate for each meal that meets program requirements. The sponsoring organization must pass the full food service payment to the day care home, unless the sponsoring organization provides part of the home’s food service. Family day care homes may receive the reimbursement for up to two meals and one snack per participant per day.

Family Day Care Home Sponsors:

​Licensed family day care homes participate in the CACFP through affiliation with a Family Day Care Home Sponsor. These Sponsors have an agreement with the Kentucky Department for Education, School and Community Nutrition, to provide total oversight of the CACFP for the homes (facilities) they sponsor. This includes ensuring that all program regulations and instructions are followed and accepting final administrative and financial responsibility for food service operation in all of the homes under its jurisdiction.

For More Information Contact:

​Jill Collins, Pennyrile AAAIL Director, j[email protected]
Amanda Stokes, Aging Planner, In-Home Services Manager, [email protected]

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