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April 2014 PADD Board of Directors Meeting

Members of Pennyrile Area Development District Board of Directors, guests, and staff met on Monday, April 14th at the PADD Office in Hopkinsville. Keynote Speaker, Secretary Thomas O. Zawacki of the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, shared details of four of his twenty strategic initiatives for the next two years which focus on Work Ready Communities, Implementation of Model Career Centers, Training and Development within Career Centers, and developing plans to ensure continuity of the West Kentucky Workforce while increasing production and effectiveness. Commissioner Beth Brinly, Department of Workforce Investment Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, was also in attendance and shared information regarding activity at the Federal level. Staff reports were also given and a report from Board Members who attended the 2014 NADO Washington Policy Conference in March.


Secretary Thomas O. Zawacki                                                                 Commissioner Beth Brinly

Regional Entrepreneur Conference

The 3rd Annual Regional Entrepreneur Conference was held on March 12th at Hopkinsville Community College with over 100 attendees! Attendees enjoyed Keynotes, Sherman Mohr of Nashville and Lincoln Crum of Louisville, 8 break-out sessions and a fantastic lunch panel of local entrepreneurs telling their stories! If you missed it stay tuned for more information on a 2-day entrepreneur’s conference in Madisonville tentatively scheduled for November 14th & 15th at Madisonville Community College. For more information, contact Sandy Richey, Entrepreneurial Coach at PADD, 270-886-9484.


Local Entrepreneur Panelists L to R:  Tony Kirves,                                             Entrepreneur Conference and Luncheon
Dana Douthitt, Carol Stevens and Greg Batts     

March PADD Board of Directors Meeting

The Pennyrile Area Development District Board of Directors met today, March 10th, at 12:00 Noon at the PADD Office in Hopkinsville. Kentuckians for Better Transportation Executive Director, Ms. Juva Barber, was the keynote speaker. Ms. Barber stated KBT's Mission is to unite leaders and citizens to achieve a safe and sustainable transportation system for improved economic development and quality of life across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She shared information about the many modes of transportation KY is fortunate to have such as aviation, highways, public transit, railroads and waterways. Ms. Barber also noted that Hopkinsville is home to one of three existing bowling ball manufacturers in the world, Ebonite, which utilizes aviation, highway, and rail infrastructure modes of transportation. Staff reports regarding transportation, entrepreneur networking, and citizen corps activities were also presented.

Ms. Juva Barber, Executive Director, Kentuckians for Better Transportation